Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Anatomy of a Bearded Iris

Falls (F) Lower three petals of Iris flower
Standards (S) Upper three petals of Iris flower
Beard (Bd) The line of fuzzy hairs at top of falls
Space Ager (SA) An Iris with flounces, horns or spoons at end of beard
Hafts (Hfts) Top part/shoulder of the fall surrounding beard
Flounces Petal-like appendage, extending from tip of beard
Horns Spear-like extension lifting up from tip of beard
Rim/edge Thin edge of colour around Falls, and sometimes Standards
Spoons Spoon-shaped appendage extending from tip of beard
Style Arms 3 Small upright structures above beards that support the stigma
Rhizome Underground stem. Roots and buds develop from the nodes. Often enlarged to serve as storage organ.