Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Our Story

My name is Ann Granatier and my background includes many years in various horticultural careers - a garden designer, teacher and consultant - and I have finally come full circle. Having retired several years ago, I returned back to the countryside where it all my own garden.

My husband, Bob, started out pleasing his wife, trying to keep up with her demands for another garden, adding more compost, moving more plants, improving soil. Guess what!! Bob caught the bug several years back and now steers the ship. The photography is his work and patience has paid off. Our children, grandchildren and now Bob himself continue to improve and add to this website filled with even more stunning pictures.

He has been doing some hybridizing the past several years and has hundreds of seedlings lined out in the beds waiting to show their stuff. Ten years ago he registered Our Katy Girl; a cross between Late Report and Lace Legacy. This was followed a few years later by Mardi Gras Dancer; a cross between Stilettos and Dancing Star.

In 2017 he registered and introduced for sale Believe In Tomorrow; a cross between High Chaparral and Class Clown; Butter Almond Crunch; a cross between Good Vibrations and Secret Service plus Lovers Holiday; a cross between For Lovers Only and Brazilian Holiday.

In 2018 he registered and introduced for sale Razzleberry n Cream; a cross between Stilettos and Dancing Star; and his first Standard Dwarf Iris, Seaside Lemonade; a cross between Bluebeard's Ghost and It's Amazing.

This year he has applied for registration and has introduced for sale Golden Fury; a cross between Come Away With Me and Class Ring; Big Honkin Blue; a cross between Gypsy Romance and Above The Clouds; Mister Boy; a cross between Before The Storm and Wench; Raspberry Brulee; a cross between Decadence and Tiger Honey; Rocky Mountain Skies; a cross between Money In Your Pocket and Bargain Hunter and lastly, Wind In Your Sails; also a cross between Money In Your Pocket and Bargain Hunter.

There are several hundred seedlings waiting to show their stuff for a first, second or third time this year!!
I just wanted to thank you for your site. I had looked through hundreds (it seems) and then came upon yours. I was looking for information on planting irises, specifically for this northern climate (I live in Maine), and you had the answers. I hope to some day visit your farm""
  M. M., Maine, U.S.A.       

Canadian Iris Society (CIS)
As Board Members, Bob serves as Treasurer and Ann as Secretary for the Canadian Iris Society (CIS), a group that promotes the cultivation and development of Irises. We are also members and past-Presidents of the Brantford Garden Club.

Speaking Engagements
We are often invited to speak and visit with a number of Horticultural groups, including Canada Blooms and the Royal Botanical Gardens. If you are in need of a speaker please get in touch with us. Thank you to all who have been able to visit our gardens the last few years. We really enjoy chatting with you about your favourite Irises and hearing your positive comments.

Reblooming Iris
Did you know that some irises re-bloom again in late summer and early fall? They refresh our gardens when everything else is tired and ready to close up for the season. Our customers are both surprised and delighted to see their favourite flowers blooming when they pick up their Iris orders.

Award Winning Iris
There are thousands of Iris varieties to grow and since we can't grow them all, we have decided to focus on Award Winners and New Introductions, ensuring that we offer the best to our customers.

Trails End Iris Gardens offers only high quality plants, grown with tender loving care. Bob is so fussy he insists on doing the planting and digging of our Irises (which is fine by me). This ensures no mix-ups and allows us to provide our customers with true to name varieties guaranteed to give you the most beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colours.

Open Gardens
We are very proud of our Iris Gardens and we welcome you to come by and pay a personal visit during our Open Garden periods in May and June. Our ten acre property and gardens is located in the rolling countryside between Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario (Canadian Hardiness Zone 5b).

We have thousands of plants and over five hundred different varieties; including historic, award winners and the latest exciting introductions.

If you cannot make it during our regular, Open Garden hours, call ahead to make an appointment.

2019 Open Garden Hours Varieties in Bloom
Early May Bloom Period -
The "Lilliputs"

April 27th thru May 16th
By Appointment
Please call ahead (519) 647-9746
Miniature Dwarf and Standard Dwarf Bearded plus Early Intermediates
Mid May to Early June Bloom - The "Medians"

May 17th thru June 3rd
9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Intermediates, Miniature Tall Bearded and Border Bearded plus Late Standard Dwarf Bearded and Early Tall Bearded
Early to Mid June -
The "Peak Bloom"

June 4th thru June 10th
9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Tall Bearded - (early and mid bloom season) plus Border Bearded and Late Intermediates
Late June Bloom Period June 11th thru June 24th
By appointment:
Please call ahead (519) 647-9746
Tall Bearded - (late and very late bloom season)