Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Painting Your Gardens with Irises

Through the magic of digital photography, we will show you how to design gardens that use Irises to enhance your landscapes and fill your gardens with glorious colour.

Follow us as we take you through the Spring and early Summer season and marvel at the Irises that flower again from August till late Fall. You will see stunning close-ups of the newest award winning varieties inter-planted with evergreens, grasses and your favourite perennials.

Irises are often overlooked by designers and yet their foliage can be a strong counterpoint to the foliage of other plants. They are particularly attractive with the popular tall grasses. Our newer planting beds are actually gardens featuring Iris interplanted with grasses, shrubs and evergreens.


before we start planting, there are a few things to consider.

Cultural Requirements
Bearded Irises love hot, dry conditions and flower best given at least 6 hours of sun and good drainage. If you are planting in a swamp, there are other types of Iris that will tolerate and even enjoy those conditions;


we are primarily talking about Bearded Iris, so let's keep things sunny and reasonably dry.