Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Re-Blooming Irises

"Double Your Fun flowered right up to this past weekend (early November) when I brought the last stem inside with 4 buds on it. I had even cut back all my iris and
that one still sent out a new flower stem in spite of that. Loving it!"

  S. O., Georgetown, Ontario  

There are several varieties of Bearded Iris that can bloom again in the late summer, early fall. While not guaranteed and subject to weather conditions, a good re-bloom of some Irises is possible if you select varieties that are known to re-bloom in your area.

Just a note to the wise, many Irises advertised as “Re-Bloomers”, will only re-bloom where the summers are longer, ie, in warmer climates. Better to buy from a local grower who has experienced success and can make recommendations for your area.

Re-bloom can be encouraged with extra water and fertilizer during summer droughts. A few years ago we planted a bed specifically for re-bloomers. It's closer to the water supply so if necessary, we can help Mother Nature in the event of a severe water shortage.

Total Recall

On cloudy fall days, there is nothing more cheerful than a bouquet of re-blooming irises;
particularly the fragrant ones. Bob photographed several bouquets of them for you to enjoy.

Bouquet In The Window Bouquet In The Garden

Some of the re-bloomers need a second season after planting to give a good re-bloom. Immortality seems to be a little shy the first year and then is the most reliable. Queen Dorothy, though not a spectacular flower, is also an excellent re-bloomer and fragrant as well. Rosalie Figge never fails. There are Re-bloomers in every class. Make room for a couple of dwarfs such as Blueberry Tart and Forever Violet. Some reliable Intermediate Re-bloomers are Double Your Fun, Many Mahalos, and I'll Be Back.

Every year is a little different since the re-bloom is spread out over several months and it's not easy to predict which will and which won't re-bloom. We plan to continue to introduce and test more of these varieties and to maintain bloom records which will identify reliability patterns. You are welcome to give us a call and/or drop by in the fall to discover which varieties are re-blooming for us.

Re-Bloomers In Our Gardens (South-Western Ontario - Canadian Hardiness Zone 5b)
Tall bearded Again And Again, Autumn Circus, Cantina, Clarence,
Daughter Of Stars, Double Stitch, Immortality, Mariposa Autumn, Queen Dorothy, Rosalie Figge, Total Recall
Miniature Tall Bearded Lady Emma
Intermediate Bearded Blessed Again, Champagne Encore, Double Your Fun,
Fast Forward, I'll Be Back, Many Mahalos
Standard Dwarf Bearded Autumn Embers, Autumn Jester, Blueberry Tart, Flirting Again, Forever Blue
Miniature Dwarf Bearded Forever Violet