Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Terminology and Abbreviations

Bloom Order and Seasons for Classes / Types of Bearded Iris

Please be aware that the seasons mentioned below vary according to the bloom period for specific classes / types of Bearded Iris. In southern Ontario, 'Early' for a Tall Bearded Iris is late May whereas 'Early' for a Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris is early May. Confused? well join the crowd!

E Early
M Mid Season Bloomer
L Late Season Bloomer
Re Rebloomer: Flowers in the spring and again in the same growing year
Hist Historic 30 years or more old
MDB Miniature Dwarf Bearded (blooms late April to early May
SDB Standard Dwarf Bearded (blooms early to mid May)
IB Intermediate Bearded
(blooms mid May to early June)
MTB Miniature Tall Bearded
(blooms mid May to early June)
BB Border Bearded
(blooms with Tall Bearded - late May to late June)
TB Tall Bearded
(blooms late May to late June)

Colour Patterns and Textures

Amoena White or tinted white standards, coloured falls
Bi-Colour Light to medium Standards, darker contrasting Falls
Bi-tone Two tones of the same colour on petals, Falls usually darker
Blend Two or more colours, one always yellow, blended smoothly or unevenly
Colour break Random splashes/streaks of colour
Ground Base colour of petals that have patterned overlays, usually plicata
Lace Edges of petals are serrated
Luminata Wash of colour in falls with paler veining, clear area on hafts, recessive to plicata
Neglecta Light Blue standards, darker coloured falls
Plicata Stippled, dotted or stitched colour over lighter ground colour
Reverse Any colour combination with the Standards darker than the Falls
Ruffled Petal edges are wavy
Self An Iris with petals of uniform colour
Signal/Spot A patch of contrasting colour at the tip of the beard
Substance Strength and thickness of tissues indicating durability of flowers and colour
Texture Sheen or finish of the petals; eg shiny, velvety, satiny etc.
Variegata Yellow standards with deeper falls of red or brown
Veins Lines that are a contrasting or darker colour than the petal


Apt Apricot
Bl Blue
Blk Black
Brn Brown
Lav Lavender
Multi Multi-coloured
Och Orchid
Org Orange
Pe Peach
Pk Pink
Pur Purple
Rd Red
Vlt Violet
Wt White
Yl Yellow
Grn Green

Top Medal For Individual Classes

CW Caperne - Welsh Medal (one awarded each year to best Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris)
CD Cook - Douglas Medal (one awarded each year to best Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris)
SM Hans and Jacob Sass Medal (one awarded each year to best Intermediate Bearded Iris)
WW Williamson - White Medal (one awarded each year to best Miniature Tall Bearded Iris)
KM Knowlton Medal (one awarded each year to best Border Bearded Iris)
JW J. Wister Medal (three awarded each year to best 3 Tall Bearded Irises)

Iris Awards

WC Walther Cup
(an Iris from any category with the most Honourable Mention (HM) votes is the recipient of this award.)
HM Honourable Mention
(an Iris is eligible for this award 2 years after introduction for sale to the public)
AM Award of Merit
(an Iris is eligible 2 years after receiving an Honourable Mention) (HM) award
DM Dykes Medal
(top award given annually to an Iris from any class. Must have won top award for itís class to be eligible)