Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Why Grow Irises In Your Landscape

From the novice gardener, to those who are searching for something unique, attractive and functional to add to their garden, the Bearded Iris has a lot to offer. Appropriately named after the Goddess of the Rainbow with its myriad of colours, the Iris qualities make it a highly sought after perennial and a 'must' for most gardeners. Consider the following:

Irises come all colours of the rainbow a variety of sizes and heights from 6 inches to over 40 inches (15cm - 100cm)
...with beautiful sword shaped leaves
  Irises are
...very hardy
...a great partner with ornamental grasses
...'water-wise' and thus environmentally friendly
...great companion plants with peonies, grasses and lilies
  Irises can fragrant used as cut flowers in late summer/early fall
...add height to the garden landscape
...bloom for over 6 weeks from early May till late June