Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Iris Awards

Each year, the American Iris Society (AIS) and its qualified, registered judges make specific awards to Iris varieties. These awards are a very useful tool in selecting iris that have the best growing qualities. ie., flower form, colour, number of buds, branching, substance etc.

Since Award winners typically set the standards for irises, they form the basis of the varieties that we select to grow and offer to our customers.

We have listed the awards won by each variety in our descriptions. Here is an example:

That's All Folks, (TB), (W. Maryott '05), M, 40" (102cm), HM '07, AM '09, WW '11, DM '13 is a Tall Bearded Iris, was hybridized by William Mayott and offered for sale to the public in 2005. It blooms during the Mid (M) Tall Bearded bloom season and is typically 40 inches (102 centimeters) tall. It received it's Honourable Mention (HM) Award in 2007, the Award of Merit (AM) in 2009, the John Wister Medal (JW) in 2011 and finally the Dykes Medal DM) in 2013.

The Dykes Medal is the top award for all classes of Iris. Remember, since it takes at least 7 years to achieve a Dykes Medal (DM), the newer varieties are still in the running. Try your luck in selecting the best for your garden.

Have a look at the Dykes Medal Winners that we grow.

Year Dykes Medal Recipient Hybridizer, Year
2018 Haunted Heart K. Keppel, 2009
2017 Montmartre K. Keppel, 2008
2015 Gypsy Lord K. Keppel, 2006
2014 Dividing Line (MTB) C. Bunnell, 2005
2013 That's All Folks W. Maryott by J. Ghio, 2005
2012 Florentine Silk K. Keppel, 2005
2011 Drama Queen K. Keppel, 2003
2010 Paul Black T. Johnson, 2003
2009 Golden Panther R. Tasco, 2000
2008 Starwoman (IB) M. Smith, 1998
2007 Queen's Circle Kerr, 2000
2006 Sea Power K. Keppel, 1999
2005 Splashacata Tasco, 1998
2004 Crowned Heads K. Keppel, 1997
2003 Celebration Song Schreiner, 1993
2002 Mesmerizer M.Byers, 1991
2001 Yaquina Blue Schreiner, 1992
2000 Stairway to Heaven Lauer, 1993
1999 Hello Darkness Schreiner, 1992
1998 Conjuration Byers, 1989
1997 Thornbird Byers, 1989
1996 Before the Storm Innerst, 1988
1995 Honky Tonk Blues Schreiner, 1988
1994 Silverado Schreiner, 1986
1993 Dusky Challenger Schreiner, 1986
1990 Jesses Song Williamson, 1983
1986 Song Of Norway Luihn, 1979
1985 Beverly Sills Hager, 1978
1984 Victoria Falls Schrieners, 1977
1982 Vanity Hager, 1975
1979 Mary Frances Gaulter, 1971