Trails End Iris Gardens, Ontario, Canada

Irises By Type

    Tall Bearded 27" Tall and Over
    Border Bearded 16" to 27" Tall
    Miniature Tall Bearded 16" to 25" Tall
    Intermediate Bearded 16" to 28" Tall
    Standard Dwarf Bearded 8" to 15" Tall
    Miniature Dwarf Bearded Up To 8" Tall


"Just wanted to thank you for allowing us to stop in today. It was an afternoon spent with really, knowledgeable owners, who explained the new tall irises, and re-blooming varieties. Thanks for offering a glass of water to my aunt. It was greatly appreciated and we both had a very enjoyable time. You have a stunning property not only with all of the irises, but really interesting trees as well. I am looking forward to your new release catalogue in January. Excited about planting our new irises in August and the beautiful flowers in the near future."

  Thanks again H. P., St. Anns, Ontario